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Genie Professional Line Residential Openers

Genies' Professional Line is not equal to your DIY store Genie opener.  Contact us about the ProSeries and see for yourself.


Two Key Safety Genie features that you should have:



Intellicode® remote access security system that automatically changes the security code to one of billions of combinations each time the transmitter is activated.


The Safe-T-Beam® infrared beam system senses a person or an object in the door's path to prevent entrapment. To learn more about Genie, click on the link above.

Trac Rite Mini Storage Doors

Since 1981, Trac-Rite Door, Inc. has been manufacturing high quality, low maintenance roll-up doors appropriate for a variety of applications. You can expect your Trac-Rite door to be constructed of strong, durable materials accompanied by smooth, quiet operation.​

Stoett Retractable Door Screens

Exquisite form. Unsurpassed function. Stoett's line of retractable door screens are a breath of fresh air. For architectural openings in and around your home, Stoett's custom screen solutions offer a lifetime of convenience and pleasure.​

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